Capilano Suspension Bridge & Park

A Lofty Walk

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The Capilano Suspension Bridge is the quintessential Vancouver experience if you don’t mind parting with a bundle of dough just to say you walked a narrow, swinging bridge high above a raging river. You certainly won’t be alone?– this place gets busy with tourists.

More than just a bridge attracts visitors, however; you also find out about First Nations culture by watching traditional dancers perform or native carvers turn humble logs into noble totem

As the oldest, continuously running attraction in Vancouver (look for sepia photo displays of folks in Edwardian dress), the attraction is constantly reinventing itself.  In addition to the bridge is its network of suspended treetop bridges that lead from one Douglas fir to another. Other activities include a new cliffhanger walk (almost as dramatic as it sounds), lovely gardens, a forestry exhibit, and a center explaining the history of the bridge, plus hiking trails and the obligatory restaurant and gift shop.

Allow two hours.  If the weather’s clear, then combine it with a trip up Grouse Mountain.

At A Glance

3735 Capilano Road
North Vancouver BC V7R 4J1


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