Cape Wrath

Mainland Britain's most northwesterly point - with lighthouse

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It might just be a man-made point of reference – Britain’s most northwesterly point – but Cape Wrath does have a feeling of being at the very edge of something.

This is mostly down to the Stevenson lighthouse (1827) being perched on cliffs high above the continuous and mesmerising pounding of the ocean waves below. Indeed only 5miles/8km to the east lie Clo Mor – mainland Britain’s highest cliffs.

To get to the Cape you need to take a ferry (Tel: 01971 511246) from East Keoldale Pier (2 miles south of the village of Durness), then take the waiting minibus for the hour’s ride to the lighthouse – services run May–Sep only.

At A Glance

Adult return £18 (ferry £6.50; minibus £12)

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