Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse to Cosy Corner Rd (Cape to Cape Track)

Leave footprints high and low on wonderful wild coast

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Bushwalking Western Australia doesn’t get better than day one (walking north) of the Cape to Cape Track, from Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse to Cosy Corner Road.

The walk starts at the lighthouse that has stood sentinel since 1895 on the rocks where the Indian and Southern oceans meet, at times in a maelstrom. It ends on a natural footpath of fractured stone beneath which seawater whumps, hisses and sighs like a live animal, exhaling through solution holes “drilled” through the rock. In between, this 21km leg of the multi-day track traverses sand dunes and skirts gorgeous bays. It also cuts through salt-stunted cliff-top heath fashioned in a dozen shades of green and decorated with red pea flowers, yellow banksia cones and pink pigface daisies.

Also on the cards is a 7km beach workout that’s hard work in soft sand into a headwind. If walking in a group, perhaps take turns up front with the others slipstreaming in the leader’s footprints.

And on your left all day is the sea, darkening from peppermint shallows through vivid turquoise to royal blue depths, and rolling ashore in curling, foaming waves.

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Whales and wildflowers in spring.

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