Canyon Creek Riding Stables


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Canyon Creek Riding Stables’ one-hour trail ride is a wonderful surprise, and well worth the cost. After being helped onto your horse by a friendly staff member, your guide quickly leads you from the corral, tucked near the busy Wilderness complex, and into a picturesque wooded parcel of land.

Once on the trail, you’ll go up and down a few hills and cross a covered bridge. You might catch a glimpse of some deer. Soon you’ll begin passing various animated characters, who call out wisecracks. Eventually you’ll end up in Tombstone, an Old West town filled with more animated characters. Your guide will take your picture if you’ve got your camera along.

During the last half of the ride you’ll catch glimpses of Lost Canyon and some of the Dells’ famed sandstone formations. You’ll also spy The Wilderness’ outdoor waterpark.

Coupons online; free petting zoo.

At A Glance

60 Hillman Rd.
Lake Delton WI 53940
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