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The countryside surrounding Campobecerros is just lovely, albeit hilly. Ready yourself to go up and down innumerable, lengthy hills. (Don’t forget to take in the views.)

The town itself, unfortunately, is rather frayed and only features a bar-restaurant, store and albergue. Still, every place has its charms. In Campobecerros, there are two.

One is the statue of Santiago the pilgrim, who greets you as you enter town. (Hint: Look in the niche above the church’s front door.) The second is the town fountain, which spouts pure, cold water. The fountain, while not far off the Camino, is rather hard to find. Ask a local to show you the way. The water is worth it.


Campobecerros is 512.1 mi (824.1 km) from Sevilla and 113.8 mi (183.2 km) from Santiago.

This hamlet offers the following services: bar-restaurants, lodging, store

At A Glance

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