Calypso Cabaret

Colourful costumes, pop songs, Vegas-style revues

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Despite the thought that they are part of Bangkok’s infamous naughty nightlife, transgender cabarets here are actually a lot of fun, with plenty of talent to boot. These shows are aimed strictly at tourists, and at plenty of laughs, gags, and song, dance, and pageant aimed at the whole family. The performers are quite talented, some of the best of them have performed worldwide, and the shows here are a mix of Broadway musical numbers, elaborate colorful costumes, pop songs, and plenty more. There are photo ops at the end, and you can do dinner shows as well as just watching the dance routines.

The shows change up every few months, with attention being paid to the type of audiences in attendance, meaning that Asian heavy audiences will get Chinese or Korean pop songs, while western groups will get plenty of Las Vegas revue style antics. Families worried that the shows aren’t suitable for kids need not, there are plenty of children in attendance, and they usually end up laughing and enjoying the show even more than mom and dad.

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At A Glance

Asiatique The Riverfront, Wat Phraya Krai
Bangkok Bangkok 10120
02 688 1415

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