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At some point in the last decade or so cupcakes sneaked up on us and became all the rage. If you try one of Cake Couture’s heavenly creations, you’ll understand why. Each and every cupcake is made and frosted throughout the day with love and attention. The only problem one can have with this cupcake atelier is deciding which flavor to choose. My personal favorites are their red velvet and the banana caramel. However, if you’re visiting one of Cake Couture’s locations during the holidays, opt for a seasonal special: chai spice, eggnog, or gingerbread. The latté-flavored cupcake is fantastic as well. To find out which flavors are served on a specific day, check out their website (link above) under “Menu & Schedule.” Surprise your friends, significant others, and children with a trip to Cake Couture, and they will certainly thank you.

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820 West Hind Drive #104

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