Village of the cheeky ones

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This unpretentious wine village in the Comtat Venaissin has a long history dating back to 739 AD when it was called Queroana and later Cairana in Provençal. The local inhabitants were apparently known as leis afrontaires de Cairana, ‘the cheeky ones from Cairanne’. We can only guess why today – the reason is lost in the mists of time!

Its medieval heritage is evident in the Chemin de St Roch which offers a pleasant walk around the old ramparts and the Autanne Gate. Like many fortified villages in the area, it was helped by the French Government to restore its historic buildings during the 1960s and the ruined church of St Martin was rebuilt at this time.

One of the best

Cairanne’s big secret lies not so much in the village itself but in its splendid wine, Cairanne Côtes-du-Rhône AC. This is the highest possible status. Local growers first tried to obtain appellation status during the 18th century but this did not happen till 1937. Be sure not to miss this fine wine while you are in the area!

Please Note: Cairanne does not have a Tourist Office.

Market day
: Thursday morning.

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