Buzz’s Steakhouse

The strongest Mai Tai on the island

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This little grass hut, tiki-style restaurant sits across from the southeastern corner of Kailua Beach, just before you enter Lanikai, one of the island’s most exclusive and beautiful residential enclaves and home to the famous Lanikai Beach. Buzz’s food is fine, but it’s not what you’ll remember when you walk away from an afternoon or evening here. Instead, this restaurant is known for two things: the atmosphere and the drinks – more specifically, their knock-you-on-your-butt Mai Tai. They are so strong that the servers refuse to serve more than three to any one customer per day. That said, their other tropical cocktails are equally impressive and a little less overpowering on the alcohol front. If you decide to mosey on over to Buzz’s for drinks, be sure that you have a sober buddy to help you back to your accommodation. Otherwise, you might find yourselves sleeping it off on the beach across the street!

At A Glance

413 Kawailoa Road
Kailua 96734
Lunch Main Dishes $10-$17; Dinner Main Dishes: $16-40

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