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Where Hemingway Stayed While Trout Fishing in the Pyrenees

I actually find Burguete a more enjoyable stop than Roncesvalles, 2.4 kilometers back, passing through magical forest fabled as a place where women healers would meet to work their magic (and later, sadly, accused of witchcraft as the tide of the world turned from honoring female power to it being crushed by imperialistic patriarchies).

Burguete is a warm village with many more places to eat and sleep than are apparent when you first step into town. It is a good alternative to Roncesvalles if you find it village inundated with pilgrims.

Burguete also is a part of a network of villages that all pay homage to Our Lady of Roncesvalles in Roncesvalles’ and you may get lucky and be there for a procession day as the whole village makes their own pigrlimage to Roncesvalles to honor her.

The Camino cotninues through enchanted forested hills to Zubiri.

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