Brown v. Board of Education

Learn about the Supreme Court's pivotal anti-discrimination decision for U.S. public schools

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In 1954, five lawsuits were simultaneously filed regarding racial discrimination throughout the U.S. education system. In honor of the Supreme Court’s ruling that determined ‘separate but equal educational facilities were inherently discriminatory,’ the Brown v. Board of Education historic site is appropriately occupies a one-time school building whose interior reflects the same decade. For a true taste of unrest that surrounded this controversial high court decision, walk between enormous screens playing life-sized news footage from demonstrations, where some protest signs said ‘KEEP OUR WHITE SCHOOLS WHITE,’ and police helped keep the peace. Short documentaries feature commentary about the individual lawsuits filed and you can view a film about segregation in the United States – past and present. This is a must-do destination in Topeka that can keep you occupied for an hour or several.

At A Glance

1515 S.E. Monroe St.
Topeka 66612

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