Corrèze's big bold City

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Known locally as plain Brive, this is one of the region’s bigger cities and the largest in the Corrèze although not actually the capital.

The soubriquet ‘la Gaillarde‘, or in English ‘the Bold’ has been hard earned over the centuries by its citizens who have a reputation of holding out under siege. Located in the valley of the Corrèze river the surrounding land is very fertile and produces high quality fruit and vegetables.

There is a good selection of shops in the centre and also a few interesting buildings including the Collégiale St Martin and nearby the Tour des Échevins.

La Gaillarde‘ is a term which could easily be applied to Brive’s rugby team, CA Brive, which is one of the top outfits in France!

Market day: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

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33(0)5 55 24 08 80

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