Bricco Salumeria

No one can resist the aroma of fresh-baked Italian bread

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You have to leave the main drag of the North End and duck down an alley to find this gem of a food store. But it’s worth the effort, because Bricco Salumeria contains more Italian goodness than you think can fit. For starters, meats and cheeses fill the counters, along with irresistible fresh pasta. There is plenty of prepared food; or stock up on ingredients for your own Italian kitchen.

In any case, don’t leave the alley without descending into the bread bakery. Just follow the aroma of fresh baked goodness. You’ll find the Italian boys hard at work, pulling fresh loaves out of the oven, including ciabatta, focaccia and other delicious pane.

Bricco Salumeria is one of many North End establishments owned by the DiPasquale family.

T: Haymarket/Orange or Haymarket/Green

At A Glance

11 Board Alley (behind 241 Hanover Street)
Boston Massachusetts 02113
10am-10pm daily


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