Brendan’s Cafe on the Goodwill Bridge

A place to sit, sup, and contemplate the river

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You’ll be greeted by the ebullient Brendan Harris or one of his equally friendly baristas if you pause on your trip across Brisbane’s pedestrian-and-cyclist-only Goodwill Bridge.

This unusual “cafe” is a coffee cart that serves up scrumptious home-made cakes (made by Brendan’s wife Kelly), muffins, ice-creams and more, as well as a caffeine hit or a cold drink. There’s hot chocolate as well, especially good in the winter.

There are benches with colourful cushions, and a magnificent view of the river. So park your bike or your bum for a while and soak up the scenery while you have some respite. It’s open from 5am every day.

At A Glance

Goodwill Bridge
Brisbane Queensland 4000
0434 640 556

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