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Wolves, sharks, alligators & other deadly & dangerous animals

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I didn’t have high hopes visiting Branson’s Wild World, but it’s much better than I’d imagined, and for my then-college-age son it was one of his favorite things we did. I’m sure that being able to feed the bull sharks had something to do with it (it costs extra to feed the animals, but he was OBSESSED with sharks when he was young), and the display of rescue wolves was absolutely amazing (I’m glad that an outdoor pen was added in 2014).

But although the displays are not as sophisticated as I’d have liked, what impresses me is the knowledgeable and passionate staff, seemingly everywhere and ready to answer questions.

Of course, being able to see venomous snakes (cobras, rattlesnakes, green and black mambas), crocodiles, alligators, turtles, moray eels, iguanas, piranhas, poison dart frogs, lionfish, tarantulas, a wide range of birds, a mountain lion and other fearsome creatures up close and personal makes for a fun hour or so, the touch pool with horseshoe crabs and other animals is a hit with kids, and the tank with so-called “doctor fish” that will nibble at your skin when you submerge your hand is just plain weird.

In short, this is an interesting diversion if you have kids or the weather is not cooperating, especially since admission also includes a games arcade with about 50 arcade games, a “classic” section with games from your past (Pacman anyone?), pool tables and air hockey you can play for free. The blacklight minigolf, however, costs extra.

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2020 W. Highway 76 (next to Walmart)
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Daily 10am-5pm (to 6pm weekends)

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