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No big surprise in a college town, there may be more bicycles in Boulder than cars. But, look at the ages of people riding bikes and you’ll see that many are adults heading to work or for an after-work spin.

Bicycles are a great way to get around town and to experience the area. Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks. Boulders has many miles of designated bicycle trails, bike paths and bike-specific lanes on streets.

Three of the popular routes are the Community Ditch trail, which is a moderate difficulty, four-mile dirt road and the South Boulder Creek Trail which is a moderately difficult, three-mile gravel road and the Boulder Creek Bike Path, which winds through the city and connects to numerous other paths.

Note that bicycles may only use trails marked for their use.

To learn more about the bike paths and regulations, visit Go Boulder Bike and Boulder Open Space and Parks.

Boulder Bicycle Rentals

Several shops will rent bicycles for a half-day up to a week, and provide directions and maps. Rates depend upon the type of bike and, obviously, the duration of the rental. City bikes generally rent for about $20 for 4 hours. Mountain demo bikes can be in the $50-$75 range for 24 hours. Among the shops renting bikes are Full Cycle at 1795 Pearl Street, 303-440-1002, and the Boulder Bike Smith at 2432 Arapahoe Avenue, 303-443-1132.

(Remember: at 5,400 feet above sea level it’s probably significantly higher than at your home, so don’t over-exert yourself. Take a look at these Tips for Breathing Easier at High Altitude.

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