Boston Symphony Orchestra

Acoustic perfection and musical bliss

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The world-renowned Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) produces and executes one of America’s most innovative music programs. In 2014, the symphony welcomed a new conductor, the dashing, young Andris Nelsons.

Since 1900, the BSO plays at Symphony Hall, which was designed to ensure impeccable sound. Indeed, Symphony Hall doesn’t trap or muffle one note of music. Violins strings reach right in to penetrate the leather seats. The angled stage, hardwood oak floors and shallow balconies all contribute to the overwhelming wow factor for first time symphony goers.

On a budget? If so, you can purchase tickets to open rehearsals at steep discounts. Alternately, folks under the age of 40 can get tickets for a bargain $20. No matter what you pay for your tickets, though, dress in your finest crisp blacks or risk feeling out of tune.

T: Symphony/Green E

At A Glance

301 Massachusetts Avenue
Prices vary w/ performance; limited number of $20 tickets for those under age 40; youth and family passes $50.
Concerts from Oct-June, tour the Symphony Hall at 4pm Wed and at 2pm on the second Saturday of every month.

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