Bosa, Sardinia’s River City

Visit an awesome Sardinian town with a fine beach, castle, and Romanesque Church

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Bosa is a town of colorful houses lining the Temo river, the only navigable river in Sardinia. The ruins of a castle built by the Malaspina family in the 12th century crown the city. Inside the walls of the castle you’ll find the 14th century church of Regnos Altos, where recent restoration works have uncovered important medieval frescoes. There are spectacular views of the town and the rural surroundings from the castle.

bosa view
Bosa from the Castello

Bosa Marina sports a beach and beach folks who want a bit of city with their beach experience set their sites on the beautiful city.

A bit out of town to the south is the striking Romanesque church of St. Peter dating back to 1062. Surrounded by an olive grove, the view into the town topped by the castle ruins is stunning indeed. Walk around the back of the church to see the apse, which incorporates older inscribed Roman rocks into its wall.

Romanesque Church of St. Peter, Front View


Everyone who likes seafood loves the local Spiny Lobsters (expensive!). Check your wallet and take the plunge into Splurgeville and order arogosta alla Bosa. If nothing else, everyone around you will suddenly take notice.

A good place to try the lobster or have a great seafood meal is Ristorante Sa Pischedda. Unless you’re a beach person, you’ll want to stay in the historic center. We recommend the B&B S’Ammentu.

The local and justly famous wine produced here and in the surrounding villages is La Malvasia di Bosa. It must be made of 95% Malvasia di Sardegna grapes and comes in fortified and naturally sweet versions.

Bosa Filet Lace

A few women you might find in the town weave a local type of lace called Bosa Filet Lace. If you are lucky you might come across folks making it like 92 year old Giovanna Ledda while you’re strolling through town.

Read more about Bosa, with photos.

Bosa Olive Grove and River


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