Bob Montana’s Haverhill

The alternate-universe Haverhill of Archie comics

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Haverhill, MA has an alter-ego. It’s something you might never pick up by visiting it.

You see, in 1936, after a childhood in which he is said to have ‘visited vaudeville houses in 48 states’ (his father was a famous banjo player), Bob Montana’s family settled down in peaceful Haverhill from 1936-39. It was there that Bob first started sketching the students at his high school: Haverhill High.

He later moved on to NH to finish high school. But as you can read in interviews, he never forgot Haverhill High.

Thus the world was given Riverdale High, made famous by Archie, Jughead, Veronica, Betty, etc. And it is based on Haverhill High School.

And Crown Confectionary and The Chocolate Shop on Merrimack St., along with the Tuscarora on Winter St. are said to be the models for Pop Tate’s Chok’lit Shoppe, the gang’s favorite hangout in the comics.

Oh, and by the way: one of those notebooks of Montana’s first drawings of the Archie characters is in the archives of Haverhill Public Library- if you’re a superfan.

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137 Monument St.

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