Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum

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Come get a taste of Texas history at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. This is no dusty old historical museum; it’s big, glitzy, and fun, with well-curated exhibits, an IMAX theater, and The Star of Destiny, a 15-minute special-effects film narrated by the character of Sam Houston that’s simultaneously high-tech and hokey fun.

Three floors of galleries cover 13,000 years’ worth of Texas history, including the Native American experience, early settlers, and Texas’ years as part of Mexico. The galleries then move into modern times with the revolutionary years of the Republic of Texas, Texas’ rise to statehood, and economic expansion into oil drilling and space exploration.

(Don’t miss the Goddess of Liberty, a sculpture that sat atop the Texas State Capitol for nearly 100 years. Her hideously exaggerated features looked normal looking up from ground level, but the museum gives you the chance to gawk at her up close.)

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1800 N Congress Ave

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