Bluffton BBQ

open if it's smokin'

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Slow cooked chicken, ribs or pulled pork are piled high on plates or sandwiches, and they say there’s always beer if the food runs out 🙂 The owner reminds guests that this is not a restaurant; it’s a bbq joint. You do have to get our own drink and clean up after yourself, according to his manifesto.

The free-to-join Fat Basturd Club offers special discounts. The pitmaster explains the difference between chopped pork and his style of truly tender tasty pulled pork in Bluffton BBQ‘s first little movie. The key is the pulling.

New, clean little restaurant is inviting, and the food keeps barbecue lovers returning. The parking lot may be full, a good sign of the tasty food. Think about a Moon Pie or sweet potato casserole also, since this is a tribute to southern eating. You can even take home a pound or a whole butt with advance ordering.

Notice the sign’s backwoods style lingo proclaiming the open days of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, meaning “closd sunny, money, tusdy.”

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At A Glance

17 State of Mind Street
Lunch and dinner Wed - Sat

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