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Blueberry Hill is the brainchild of Joe Edwards, a close personal friend of the late Chuck Berry who performed here at The Duck Room on a regular basis until his death in 2017.

But this funky restaurant/sports bar/music venue/museum is so much more than just music, although live bands are here several nights each week.

It’s a collection of everything Americana, from the largest collection of Howdie Doody items on display in the world to ticket stubs from the only time the Beatles played in St. Louis. There’s juke boxes and pinball machines and pool tables and dart boards. There’s Elvis memorabilia, lots of stuff from St. Louis sports, lunch boxes from the 1950s and on and on and on.

Beware of the poster of Lou Brock who follows you around the room with his eyes, and come back on Mother’s Day for the Blueberry Hill Open, the city’s most prestigious dart tournament.


At A Glance

6504 Delmar
St. Louis MO 63130
(314) 727-4444
for a jerk chicken sandwich and a beer


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