Blue Springs Cavern

The River Runs Under It

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Bluespring Caverns is the home of Myst’ry River a rather hokey name for the longest subterranean river in the United States, running about 21 miles.

Take a subterranean river tour on a specially designed 17 person flat-bottomed boat. The tour, which lasts an hour, travels about 1 ¼ quarter miles along the underground river.

The boat tour follows the river’s twists and turns moving through passageways whose walls are coated with a fine film of mud. Overhead, water occasionally drips from stalactites.

When the drops hit boaters, the clammy experience is affectionately known as a cave kiss. Despite dripping ceilings, the tour is memorable as the boat passes through high vaulted chambers into narrow passages that follow the contours of the river as it flows through the cave. The water is abundant with rare albino blindfish and crayfish.

At A Glance

1459 Blue Springs Cavern Rd
Bedford 47421
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