Blue Mountains – Wentworth Falls Loop

Test the mountain waters in New South Wales

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The station in Wentworth Falls village is the starting point for this 10.2km return walk to probably the next most popular Blue Mountains attraction after the Three Sisters.

With a car you can shorten the trip by 5.6km but this cuts out the Charles Darwin Track, which follows Jamison Creek through bird-attracting banksia heath to the magnificent Wentworth Falls. (Easier again, you could walk just the Charles Darwin Track, and leave the rest to more energetic folk.)

But the real fun begins after walking the Overcliff Track to Conservation Hut. For from here there’s a track down into the Valley of the Waters, a story-book world of tumbling cascades and water-beaded moss and ferns where it’s easy to imagine fairies and nymphs emerging to frolic again once you’ve moved on.

From there you walk along the National Pass, half way up the escarpment face, a walking track built by hand in the early 20th century by men sometimes suspended in a bosun’s chair. The historic track brings you to Wentworth Falls, which spills like a filmy curtain – and sometimes pours – from the escarpment rim overhead and takes another leap from the rocks underfoot to a deeper pool in the valley below. 

From here the way is up – 90m up – 173 steep, narrow steps hand-cut into the sandstone cliff, with occasional flat areas for catching your breath, and losing it again to the views.

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Best in spring for wildflowers; can get snow in winter.

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