Blue Man Group at Univeral Orlando

Blue is loud and beautiful

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The incredibly popular Blue Man Group has a permanent home at Universal CityWalk located between the Hard Rock Cafe and the main entrance to Universal Studios Florida. Numerous signs show the way. No park admission is required to see the show but you must pay the parking fee.

The trio of Blue Man musicians use various percussion instruments to generate their wild and colorful music, adding doses of humor and multimedia theatrics in a way that’s become an amazing hit with all age groups. Each show lasts for 1 hour, 45 minutes with no intermission.

The performers require an hour to blue themselves up for each show. They glisten blue the entire time on stage thanks to the grease paint on their heads. The grease paint never dries, which allows them to keep their wet gooey look throughout the show.

Seats in the first 4 rows are called the “poncho section” and guests sitting there are given a poncho. Things get splashed during the show and may spray into the audience.

Everything used in the show is washable but it is recommended no one wear clothing that requires dry cleaning.

To see the show seating chart, click here. Not appropriate for children under 3. People sensitive to strobe lights probably should not attend.

For parking directions, see the entry Universal–Where to Park.

At A Glance

6000 Universal Blvd
Orlando 32819
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