Blue Hole Ocho Rios

Not an official tourist attraction — hence its appeal

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Not to be confused with the Blue Lagoon in Port Antonio, the Blue Hole at Ocho Rios is probably one of Jamaica’s most popular yet still largely unknown places. Blue Hole, located off the White River just 30 minutes from  downtown Ocho Rios, is not just a single place. It is a formation of several natural pools fed by a series of small waterfalls and cascades that flow into the White River and the Caribbean.

Also known as the Irie Blue Hole, Cool Blue Hole and Secret Falls, the Blue Hole is not yet highly commercialized, an important part of its appeal. Although the natural setting is idyllic, one of the main reasons for coming here is the chance to cut loose and swing Tarzan-style into a waterfall pool.

You are free to wander, to go waterfall climbing, go tubing at the lower pool or just hang out after paying a small admission fee to the local guides who take you to the places safe to jump from. Visitors particularly appreciate the lack of vendors or any other unwanted intrusions so common in parts of Jamaica. Some call the Blue Hole “a breath of fresh air.”

Small tour groups visit the area regularly, which probably means the day of this truly natural attraction are numbered. How long before someone buys up the property and makes it another crowded, touristy Dunn’s River’s Falls? On the other hand, the local tour operators taking all the visitors to Blue Hole also are responsible for putting a spotlight on it.

I feel guilty for publicizing it. But the secret has been out for a long time.

At A Glance

Thatch Hill Road
Ocho Rios Saint Ann
(876) 530-7897
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