Blue Ginger Cafe

Lana‘i crossroads

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Sooner or later, everyone in town comes through the screen door at Lana‘i’s Blue Ginger Cafe. At breakfast, you’ll find kids from the the high school or golf course groomers from the Four Seasons golf course at Manele Bay. At lunch, it may be the same set, and people who’ve come from Maui for the day. At dinner, you’re likely to find almost anyone who lives on Lana‘i

Set right on Dole Park,  the town living room, Blue Ginger Cafe has been around since 1990, when the owners Georgia and Joe Abilay came over from Maui and couldn’t find anyplace to eat. Joe, who was a chef, found a pastry shop for sale and the rest is history.

You’ll line up to order at the front, take a seat at a table with blue cloths and serve yourself coffee. Breakfast runs to the Maui standards, including a huge omelet with Portuguese sausage, bacon, mushrooms, onions and cheese or saimin. That’s the rib-sticking broth with veggies and Spam. At lunch a cheeseburger will keep you fueled for the rest of the day. Stir fries, noodles dishes and sandwiches from bread made in house are other offerings.

But remember, you haven’t been to Lana‘i if you haven’t had banana pancakes for breakfast at the Blue Ginger Cafe.

At A Glance

409 Seventh Ave.
Lana‘i 96763
From about $5

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