Black Périgord

The Périgord Noir

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The most popular Périgord

Much of the Black Périgord or Périgord Noir (See Map) is located between the river Vézère and the river Dordogne. This is the east side of the Dordogne Département, although it does stretch further north and south of these rivers. It is arguably the most beautiful of the Périgords and is certainly the most visited part of the region.

The name Black Périgord derives from the fact that much of the territory is covered with dark trees such as oak, chestnut and pine.

History and prehistory

There are a great many attractions here including splendid towns like Sarlat and charming villages like St Geniès. Moreover, the area boasts several medieval castles such as Beynac. The rivers provide plenty of scope for recreation and of course it is this part of the Dordogne which attracted early man many thousands of years ago to the Grotte de Lascaux and Les Eyzies.

Sarlat, the main town of the region, attracts many visitors who come to enjoy its fabulous market and architecture.

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