Bixby Creek Bridge

Here comes civilization...

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Before this bridge was completed in 1932, the Big Sur coast was pretty much inaccessible, unless you wanted to hike down the steep Bixby Creek canyon and somehow get across the 100-foot-wide creek at the bottom. Or hike the ridges several thousand feet up.

Enter Bixby Creek Bridge, a 714-foot-long engineering marvel. With a 320-foot span, it’s one of the world’€™s top 10 highest single-span bridges. The bridge completion (along with Highway 1) opened the floodgates to Big Sur auto tourism.

Nowadays more than 2 million vehicles cross over it every year. Pull into the parking lot on the north side and the scenic lookout on the south to see the bridge from different vantage points. Snap away like everyone else—it’s one of the most photographed structures on the West Coast.

Location: between mile markers 59 and 60 on Highway 1

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