Birds of Prey Conservation Centre

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The Birds of Prey Conservation Centre located in Velebit helps to preserve the last Croatian population of Eurasian Griffon Vultures, as well as to protect the most endangered birds of prey in Croatia.

The centres special role is in rescuing young Griffons that fall into the Adriatic, and ones which are found sick, injured or poisoned. This is an official Rescue center, licensed by the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection, where they treat injured birds until they are ready to be released.

You can easily visit the centre, spending a few hours to view the birds in rehabilitation, with various children’s activities. While donations are welcome, you can also take part in the ‘Adopt a Griffon’ project or better yet volunteer your services. You will help by tagging the birds, not only Griffons but also various eagles, buzzards and hawks and track their migration routes in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Please note this is a working conservation/rehabilitation centre – there are no bird shows and petting the birds is strictly forbidden.

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