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Official count of bird-related products found at the Bird Watcher’s General Store in Orleans: 1.5 ga-jillion.

Seriously, if you think online stores have the most endless selections of the thinnest of niche products for birders , think again. Optics, feeders, seed, jewelry, mugs, art, t-shirts galore — then again, everything here is galore — cards, field guides, song identification kits, bird baths, pink flamingos … I could go on but your thumb would get tired from scrolling ever downward.

They also have the lowdown on where any bird you name has been, is being, and will be sighted in the area.

If you don’t stop here during your visit, your birding friends will know. They just will.

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At A Glance

36 Route 6A
Free to browse ;-)
Opening hours vary seasonally and attitudinally.

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