Land of legends

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Here’s where the legend of an underwater world named Atlantis first started, thanks to some unusual offshore rock structures.

More recently, Ernest Hemingway has been the center of island legend. He first brought Bimini’s great fishing to light, and most of its visitors still today come to fish. The rest? To party. Because it lies so close to South Florida, weekenders drive their boats to the island during the spring and summer months, which unlike the other Bahama islands is Bimini’s high season.

Some historic sites and, especially in South Bimini, ecotourism are other draws. Most stay on North Bimini in Alice Town, where the historic Big Game Club has reopened, or at the deluxe Bimini Bay Resort (home of a new boutique casino). I prefer South Bimini and the Bimini Sands Resort.

Sky Bahamas and Western Air make the 25-minute flight from Nassau to South Bimini. A ferry carries arrivals to North Bimini.

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