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Tribune and Sun Times reporters have long boozed in this below-street-level joint while writing their columns. But it’s most famous for spawning The Curse.

It started with owner Billy Sianis, a great fan of goats. He was also a fan of the Cubs, contenders in the 1945 World Series. When he tried to enter Wrigley Field with a four-legged friend, ballpark staff refused, saying the goat stunk. Sianis threw up his arms, and called down a curse: “The Cubs will never win a World Series!” And they haven’t.

Oh, the food? Billy Goat keeps it simple with thin-cut, onion-y burgers; potato chips (“No fries!”); and butt-cheap tap beer like Schlitz.

There are other, shinier Billy Goat outlets around town, but this is the one with character(s).

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430 N Michigan Ave
Chicago 60611
burgers $4-6, beers $2-4
6am-2am Mon-Fri, 10am-2am Sat & Sun

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