Bigfoot on the Strip

Godzilla is on the Strip--Why not Bigfoot?

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Seriously, I haven’t a clue what Bigfoot has to do with Branson. But Bigfoot on the Strip is located, as its name suggests, on Highway 76, where it fits in almost unnoticed among the many other weird and wonderful attractions that line this busy road. It offers six attractions geared to various ages and risk takers. Those seeking thrills will surely want to brave the 200-foot-tall Bigfoot Action Tower, which offers two rides. The Gravity Bomb is a free-fall ride that plunges toward earth before slowing to a smooth stop thanks to a state-of-the-art magnetic breaking system, while the two-person Saddle Sling shoots riders into the air and then sends them tumbling end over end on the way back down. I opted for the Saddle Sling and screamed bloody murder when we shot upwards, but the tumble back down was actually kind of fun.

The other attractions are more tame, including an arcade with 60 high-end games you won’t find anywhere else in town, a 3D action ride that lets participants help Bigfoot escape, an 18-hole miniature golf course, and, for the young ones, the Yeti Play Zone and Monkey Jump with a multi-level maze with tunnels, a spiral slide, Yeti tree house and, for the daring, the Monkey Jump that lets you leap onto a padded landing.

With the exception of the arcade, this this is an outdoor experience so you’ll want to visit in good weather. It even has food trucks instead the usual restaurant. Check the website for the opening of its newest adventure–the Bigfoot Discovery Expedition that will take guests on almost one-and-a-half-hour safari to Bigfoot Farms, where they can experience the beauty of Ozarks and gaze upon a herd of Scottish Highland Cattle that might just entice a Bigfoot looking for a meal. Who knows? Maybe you’ll see the shy giant.

At A Glance

3608 W Highway 76
Branson MO
Visit website →
Daily 10am to midnight


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