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This may be the brightest spot on all Maui Nui. Wind socks and kites flutter at Big Wind Kite Factory in tiny Moanaloa Town on Moloka‘i. This spot may be at the end of the paved road, but it’s known internationally by kite aficionados. Owners Jonathan and Daphne Socher travel each year to international kite events, particularly in Indonesia, and bring back ideas and designs for the kites, as well as artifacts for the Plantation Gallery beside the kite shop.

They create kites are for competition, combat and just dancing on the wind. The designs are inspired by Hawaiian petroglyphs, pineapples, hula dancers and geckos in hisbicus-bright colors. Inside the shop, you’ll see samples of the designs and the workroom where the bolts of fabric become these magic bits of fabric that soar on the wind.

Big Wind also has a satellite store, Blue Monkey, at Coffees of Hawaii at Kualapu‘u.

Can’t get to Moloka‘i? You can order them online and even get an instructional CD for kite making.

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