Sullivan Rock to Monadnocks (Bibbulmun Track)

expose yourself to granite slopes and views on a top Australian day walk

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Monadnocks are stand-alone rock hills, knobs and ridges rising abruptly from gently sloping or virtually level eroded country. You’ll scale two of these onomatopoeically named formations – they look like small, rock mountains – on a scenic 15km loop from Sullivan Rock to Monadnocks. This is arguably the best day walk leg of the long-distance Bibbulmun Track, a bushwalking Western Australia classic.

Starting from Sullivan Rock parking area, about 80 minutes’ drive southeast of Perth CBD, the walk loops through grass tree scrub and taller eucalypt forest, offering vistas of forested ranges and plains from atop mounts Vincent and Cuthbert and great, bald slabs of granite softened with lush moss. Having rested up in a hiker’s overnight shelter, tucked among tall eucalypts, you return via gentler gradients on vehicular tracks. And the entire way, on steep zigzag footpads and eroded fire trails, colourful splashes of wildflowers slow your steps. Look out for almost comic yellow and brown donkey orchids.

Much of this walk is exposed to severe weather conditions and the bare rock can be slippery after rain, but moody clouds add atmosphere.

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