Beluga Bar

Sushi in Washington Mall, Hamilton

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Just at the base of the the steps near the Church Street entrance to Hamilton’s Washington Mall, you will find Beluga, some of the best sushi on the island served up by the friendliest host/manager and sushi chefs. It’s an easy spot to while away a lunch hour or to linger over a drink and into the dinner hour.

Check out the Japanese pizza (a.k.a. okonomiyaki), which will satisfy any non-sushi lover and sushi lover alike–a fried mix of vegetable, egg, secret sauce and all around great flavors.

The Sammy roll (after Chef Sam) is a favorite of many, as are the two different dragon rolls. If you have a special request, make it–these chefs will try to meet your requests. Great people watching, too–a seat at the bar is an easy way for a solo diner to enjoy a meal-don’t be shy.

The sushi at Belugi gets consistenly high marks from locals and visitors alike.

At A Glance

18 Church Street, Lower Level, Washington Mall
Sushi rolls start around $16.

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