Bells Beach

Spiritual Home of Australian Surfing

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Bells Beach has crafted a reputation through surf culture
and folklore as the spiritual home of surfing in
Experienced surfers can
tackle its big swells, which are protected as a Surfing
Recreation Reserve that has served as a model
for the national surfing reserve movement.

It is classified by the National Trust as an International
Icon of Australian surfing culture and listed on the Victorian
Heritage Register for its social and historical significance.

Bells Beach also has a fine lookout to view the
surfers in action but it is wise to leave the surfing to the pros.

Just around the corner from Bells Beach is Point
a pretty east-facing scalloped
beach backed by rugged sandstone cliffs that are part of the Great
Otway National Park. The Point
Addis Marine National Park is offshore. Its Ingoldsby
Reef is a popular diving destination.There are no lifeguard facilities here.


* Watch the professional surfers in action at Bells Beach, preferably during the Rip Curl Pro, and get magnificent views of the coastline
from the clifftop lookout.

* Walk the scalloped beaches of Bells Beach, Southside and Point Addis at low

* There are no lifeguard facilities here
so it is safer not to swim.

* Enjoy the clifftop section of the Surf
Coast Walk
between Bells Beach and
Point Addis. There are several interconnecting trails including
the 1.6km Koori Cultural Walk, with
interpretive signs describing local indigenous culture, and the 7km Ironbark

* Take it all off! Southside Beach, between Bells Beach and Point Addis is a clothes optional beach.

* Watch for kangaroos on the hillsides at dusk along
the road to Point Addis.

* Go diving at Ingoldsby Reef in the Point
Addis Marine National Park to look for brilliantly coloured sponge gardens
and a wide range of fish and algae.

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