Bella Gelateria

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This tiny outlet at the corner of the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel packs an award-winning punch for its hand-crafted and creatively flavored gelato ice creams.  Owner James Coleridge has even beaten the Italians at their own game, having won the coveted Maestro Gelatiere Award!

Flavors are deliciously unexpected and constantly changing.  There could be drunken raisin (the raisins are soaked for a month), beer, banana bread,  mushroom, all of which line up along more traditional favorites like triple chocolate fudge and maple pecan. Undecided? Then try their three-scoop taster!

A Bella Gelateria gelato are a shade pricier than your average vanilla whip, but there’s a reason why summer line-ups can sometimes mean a 40-minute wait.  Yes, the gelatos are THAT good!




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1001 West Cordova Street
Vancouver BC V6C 0B7


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