Beijing’s narrowest hutong

Squeeze your way into Beijing's back-alleys

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This isn’t a tourist attraction. It’s just an ordinary, fairly ramshackle, residential alleyway which just so happens to be the narrowest hutong in Beijing. Xiaolaba Hutong, means ‘Little Trumpet Alley’ and, like the instrument it’s named after, gets narrower towards one end.

The wider end, which opens out onto Yong’an Lu, is by no means wide, but as you get towards the far end the lane narrows down to a shoulder-scraping 55cm.. *just* enough space to squeeze your bicycle through and on into the alleys beyond.

Nearby, in the same block, you’ll find Jiuwan Hutong, or ‘Nine Bends Alley’, which is Beijing’s wiggliest lane and, despite the name, actually contains 13 twists and turns. You won’t find it marked on this map, but it’s the lane which wriggles its way south from Xiaoweiying Hutong to Puchen City Hutong.

Unless you’re a massive hutong fan, it’s probably not worth coming down here just to check out these two lanes, but they make an interesting detour en route to Temple of Heaven Park or the Temple of Agriculture.

Xiaolaba Hutong, off Yong’an Lu

Nearest subway:
Qianmen (1km)

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Xiaolaba Hutong, off Yong'an Lu

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