Beehive Geyser

Catch the spectacular Beehive in action.

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For a five-minute eruption, Beehive Geyser puts on a quite a show. Its name derives from its likeness to a traditional beehive. But the four-foot tall cone increases the quality of the show to spectacular. The narrow funnel of the cone ejects boiling water as if shooting straight up from a fire hose. The force often takes the water as high as 190 feet.

In the Upper Geyser Basin, Beehive Geyser sits on Geyser Hill between the lower boardwalk loop and Firehole River. The boardwalk provides an excellent vantage from slightly above the elevation of the cone. Also, the close proximity lets you hear the roar and see the utter power of the shooting water. From further away or across the river, its size wows.

Unfortunately, Beehive Geyser is an erratic beast. That’s why the National Park Service cannot predict eruptions for it. However, the shows in summer usually happen at least two times per day. In winter, the geyser becomes more erratic. One clue for an impending eruption comes from neighboring Beehive Indicator Geyser. The tiny geyser serves as a prelude to the larger geyser. It begins mere seconds to 30 minutes prior to Beehive erupting.

At A Glance

Upper Geyser Basin
Old Faithful Wyoming 82190


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