Beebe Woods

Hundreds of miles of trails for hiking and biking

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The Beebes, a wealthy family originally from Boston, lived in Falmouth from the late 1870s to the early 1930s. Generous town benefactors, they were among the first to purchase land, now known as Beebe Woods, in Falmouth.

The 1878 Highfield Hall was the centerpiece of the property and has been magnificently restored with the vision of Friends of Highfield. (They hold concerts, exhibits, and workshops here, all with marvelous acoustics. If you have an opportunity to get inside, seize it!)

The 383 acres around it contain miles of public trails for walking, mountain biking, dog walking, and birdwatching. Maps available on their website.. In autumn especially it seems like the whole town takes the trail to the Punch Bowl (a kettle pond). It’s particularly pretty in May when the lady’s slippers bloom.

At A Glance

56 Highfield Drive
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Open daily year-round.

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