Red wine and more in the Comtat

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Nestling on the southern slopes of the vertical limestone slabs of the Dentelles de Montmirail, Beaumes de Venise is an ancient wine village situated just 6m/10km north of Carpentras in the Comtat Venaissin.

Named after its caves (balmas in Provençal) the village is protected from the Mistral wind which helps to create an ideal micro-climate for growing grapes.

A favourite of Kings and Popes

Known for its wine since Roman times, it supplied its delicious muscat wines to St Louis in 1248. This was to fortify him during the long journey to the Crusades. Popes during the Middle Ages also rather liked this beverage. Nowadays the village is famed for its robust Côtes-du-Rhône red wines which were upgraded to AOC status in 2005.

Like most Provençal villages, is also a very interesting place to visit. Stroll through the narrow streets and eventually you will reach the ruined medieval Chateau at the top of the hill.

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