Beachside Dining

Sit by the waves and enjoy fine fresh seafood

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I love to have dinner on the beach in PV, especially just as the sun is setting. It’s always busy, there are strolling musicians, girls selling roses, and the food is surprisingly and consistently good — more expensive than in most of the restaurants back in town, but still quite affordable, especially considering the surroundings.

Best bet for dinner is fish or seafood — it comes right from the bay and is always fresh and delicious. The shrimp are amazing. There are several good restaurants right on the beach where you can sit at an elegant table with a white tablecloth, a good glass of wine and your feet in the sand. La Palapa and Si Senior are two well known ones. But even the beach vendors can supply a good snack — sweet grilled shrimp on a stick, fresh shucked oysters on ice,  or containers of fresh fruit.

And the beach is lovely for breakfast, before the crowds arrive. Try the Divorced Eggs at Lagostino’s — two poached eggs, one with a red salsa and one with a green salsa — delicious.

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