Sand-Carpeted Fantasies

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Likely you’ve chosen Sanibel-Captiva as your destination based on that one word: beaches.

You’ve no doubt heard about their famed caches of seashells. Perhaps you also know that they are painstakingly kept undeveloped, unmanicured – in keeping with the islands’ missions to preserve nature.

So whereas you may not find a lot of recreational facilities and food concessions at the many island public accesses, you will find shells guaranteed, plus lots of birds, peace, and calm waters perfect for children.

If you prefer some action with your sand time, the Causeway Beaches are liveliest, especially on weekends when families congregate to picnic and fish, and windsurfing and food concessions show up.

Looking for surf? That’s on the East Coast of Florida, dude! However the local surfing community finds waves on the threshold of incoming storms, particularly at Turner Beach.


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