Beach House Grill

A rare alfresco waterfront place

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Sit on a deck atop the blonde beach, sipping Chardonnay and voila!, you suddenly feel like you are on holiday. The Beach House Grill in Chatham is one of the few spots to feel the ocean breeze and warm sun while you eat lobster rolls, fried seafood, burgers and abundant salads. Sure the prices are high, but you’re paying for the oceanfront address more than the food. Nevertheless you’ll be surrounded by adorable kids and sun-kissed vacationers: not a bad way to spend your vacation cash.

In summer, the grill hosts summer camp-like themed dinners. Here they cook up clam and lobster, or Caribbean-spiked seafood medleys for all ages. Diners often dress in costumes and dance to live music as the waves splash on the shore below. These themed dinners never cease to make me love summer all over again.

One of a number of dining choices at Chatham Bars Inn.

At A Glance

297 Shore Road
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Open for lunch daily and theme dinners most nights mid-June to mid-Sept.

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