BB’s Jazz, Blues and Soups

Best Blues in The Lou

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One of the best blues clubs in the country, BBs is all about the attitude and atmosphere. Located in one of those wonderful old buildings that’s been a bit of everything – including a brothel – BBs is a must-stop for music lovers.

Be sure to visit the upstairs and look closely at all of the posters, artwork and other items displayed on the old brick walls. There’s the guitar once played by Tommy Bankhead and the saxophone played by Oliver Sain.

The menu is so much more than just bar food. You’ll find a couple of vegetarian choices, great steaks and pork chops, then those St. Louis necessities of toasted raviolis and fries with Cajun seasonings. And of course, the soups – this is Soulard, so try the gumbo!

Cover charges are usually about $5 for a local band and $10 for a national act, and that money goes entirely to the musicians, not BB’s pockets.

BB stands for Bob Burkhart, a St. Louis businessman who has opened several successful music clubs in the Soulard area.

Located in Soulard at 700 South Broadway.

At A Glance

700 S. Broadway
St. Louis Mo 63102
(314) 436-5222
Cover charges vary depending on the band.
Open 7 nights and early mornings a week, beginning at 5PM/


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