Bayshore Loop Trail at Flamingo

A short hike along florida bay behind the flamingo campground

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The 1.3-mile Bayshore Loop Trail makes up the first segment of the Coastal Prairie Trail, which is a 7-mile linear trail. (See Flamingo trails map)

The short Bayshore Loop Trail begins in the Flamingo Campground at the back of Loop C.  Much of your waterside walk will be in the vicinity of mangroves, so come prepared, repellant-wise.

Be aware the trail currently is not being maintained by the park service because the trail passes through critical habitat for the Cape Sable thoroughwort, a small herb in the sunflower family with bluish-purple flowers. The only place in the world it is found is coastal regions of Everglades National Park and some islands in the Florida Keys.  

Until the park service can decide how to manage the trail, it is leaving it alone, which means some sections may be overgrown and tree limbs hang in the way. 

Walking the trail, look for wading birds, hopefully even roseate spoonbills.

Don’t expect much in the way of ruins at the spot where a small fishing village once existed. Those wooden buildings are long gone, though you may be able to find a cistern in the underbrush.

No bicycles permitted. Not wheelchair accessible.

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