Bay of Fires

get sand between your toes on Tasmania's prettiest coast

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Sometimes there’s nothing better than a beach walk. And as beaches go, few compare with the Bay of Fires, on Tasmania’s far northeast coast. Named by English navigator Tobias Furneaux for the glow of Aboriginal fires he saw from HMS Adventure in early 1773, this shore could have been so named for its lichen-covered granite boulders, which glow like hot coals in early and late sun.

You can explore the northern reaches of this coast on the luxurious Bay of Fires Lodge Walk. Or you can bask in its beauty on an independent day walk, starting in the seaside village of Binalong Bay, 11km northeast of St Helens. Walk north as far as your legs will carry you – remembering that you have to walk back. You’ll leave footprints in white sand embroidered with bird prints and traverse slabs of granite covered in orange lichen; navigate rocky gulches and dip toes in azure water.

Take a picnic and take your time. It soothes your soul.

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