Bay of Banderas

Big, blue and beautiful

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The Bay of Banderas is the seventh largest bay in the world, and one of the world’s deepest, with depths recorded of up to 3,000 feet, with 100 kilometres ( 62 miles) of coastline. It is bounded on the north by Punta Mita, and on the south by Cabo Corrientes. It is home to a diverse population of sealife — humpback whales, dolphins, many species of fish and ..seahorses, it is claimed, though I have yet to see one.

A busy and industrious bay, the waters are home to sailboats and large cruise ships that dock at the Marina Vallarta. There are also hundreds of small pangas that can be rented to take you on excurisons to some of the hard to reach villages and beaches or to the islands in the bay.

Bahia de Banderas is justly famous for its splendid sunsets, and visitors make a habit of finding a good comfortable spot at the golden hour to watch the sun go down over the bay.

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